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Big Oil, Little Public
The Bush administration is trying to craft the nation's energy policy largely in secret and
with input only from select, special interests

The CIA Goes Primetime On CBS
should a TV network allow a government agency to have an editorial role in how that agency is portrayed on the air?

Air Wars: The Fight To Reclaim
Public Broadcasting

The American people need and deserve space in our system of communications that is not government controlled and non-commercial

Missile-Defense System Critic
Ted Postol Says He's A Target

"What they're trying to do is maneuver me
into a situation where I can no longer talk"
Postol says. "I intend to continue talking"

Global GM Market Starts To Wilt
Static profits, tighter laws and consumer health doubts slow growth of disputed technology - except in US

Intercepted Missiles Could Fall
On Europe

Destroying only the booster could leave the warhead zinging across the sky

Prison Policy In A Media-Driven America
People who watch a lot of television are more afraid of crime than people who don't

Stop Selling, Start Educating
A Teacher's Back-to-School Message to PBS

Green Party Blasts Bush Agenda
Policies of the Bush administration are "irresponsible and reckless." Warn of severe damage to the world environment

Wind Power Cheaper Than Coal
The U.S. has not maximized its wind potential.
Doing so would address health, environmental and energy problems

Nuclear Test Site Evaluated
For Wind Farm

A 1,069-acre wind farm on the Nevada Test Site about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas is
in the final planning stages

Navy Claims Environmental Laws
Are Threat To National Security
Military To Seek Legislative
Exemptions, Documents Show

Earth Charter
We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on
respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace

Tell The EPA To Stop Allowing Bt Crops To Be Grown In The USA
EPA to continue allowing untested and unlabeled genetically engineered Bt crops
to be grown on millions of acres across the USA

Unknown DNA In Monsanto's
Genetically Engineered Soya

Embarrassing inaccuracies in Monsanto's description of its best selling Genetically Modified Organism (GMO): "Roundup Ready"

Genes Passed From Crops To
Weeds Persist For Generations
Genetic traits passed from crops to their weedy relatives can persist for at least six generations, according to an Ohio State University study

Public Citizen Protests DOE Plan To Recycle Radioactive Metals
Flawed Hearing Process Indicates Nuclear Waste Recycling is a Foregone Conclusion

'Green Power' Gets Second Wind
The Pacific Northwest is well on its way to becoming the wind capital of the U.S.

Beach Closings Soar Following
Better Testing and Reporting

'The more you look, the more you find,'
says NRDC's annual report

NRC's Process Of Calculating
Seriously Flawed

The NRC is guessing when it makes safety decisions using the results from incomplete
and inaccurate information

The Case Of The Missing H-Bomb
The Pentagon has lost track of the mother
of all weapons, a hydrogen bomb

Nuke Plant Tax Break Criticized
The Bush administration wants to change the tax code to make sure all owners of nuclear power plants can write off the cost of decommissioning

U.S. Air Force Linked To Electronic Warfare Attack In Tennessee
Electronically-fried birds littered a mile
square area around the radio station

Fascism's Face In Genoa
Spokespersons for the Genoa Social Forum charge that some black-clad protesters were drawn from the far right and infiltrated the antiglobalization movement to discredit it

Human Arrogance And
The Decline Of The Earth

The biodiversity of species on our planet
before its encroachment by mankind may
have been greater than previously estimated

Iceland's 21st Century Energy Policy
Iceland intends to be the first nation to convert to a hydrogen-based economy

Scientists Find Genetic Basis Of Insect's Resistance To GE Crops
Modified crops could backfire by forcing the development of genetically resistant pests

Building A Nonviolent Army
For decades people have dreamed, strategized
and organized around the vision of
a nonviolent peace force

Star Wars Adversaries Would Find
Other Attack Methods
. Game theory asks us to place ourselves
in the shoes of our adversaries as
we assess alternative measures

Solar Storms Destroy Ozone Layer
The Earth's ozone layer is destroyed not only by human use of ozone depleting chemicals, but by large solar storms, new research confirms

Dancing On The Grave Of Carlo Giuliani
A global movement with literally millions
of participants is continuing to organize
against the colossal daily violence
of the world's biggest institutions

Landmark Deal Will Protect
Rainforests In Belize
The U.S. signed a landmark debt for nature swap to reduce by about one-half the debt which Belize owes to the United States.

The FCC On Its Knees
Most of America is sleeping when it
comes to understanding how what we
see and hear on TV and radio every day
is affected by what a bunch of lawyers
decide in a boardroom in Washington

Bush Has Been Ditching Treaties
Since He Came To Power
Special UK Report: George Bush's America

U.S. Greens Found A National Party
Green Party Leaders Announce A New Era
For The Country's Third Strongest Party

Tim Robbins: What I Voted For
When I Voted For Ralph Nader

It Is Grassroots Movements That Create
Real Change, And No Grassroots Movement
Ever Got Anywhere Compromising Its Ideals

Why Don't We All
Just Cut The Crap Right Now

George W. Bush Has Done Little More Than Continue The Policies Of The Last Eight Years
by Michael Moore
Our New Site Dedicated To Carlo Guiliani
Who Was Murdered On Friday July 20, 2001

Debt To Society
The Real Price Of Prisons

The United States Has The Highest Per Capita Incarceration Rate Of Any Country On Earth

Trade Above All
Export Credit Agencies Fund Immoral And Environmentally Damaging Projects
by Bruce Rich

Green Group
Comes Under Right-Wing Attack

Case Could Slash Donations
To Environmental Groups

Protest Against Boise Cascade
Bonnie Raitt, Julia Butterfly Hill
And John Densmore Arrested

Star Wars Returns
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Net Radio Live
Meria Heller Show

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